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Our Miami Mobile Health & Wellness Services

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Key Basis IV and Wellness Miami

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Rehydrate, Reinvigorate, Revitalize: Personalized IV Drip Therapy & At-Home Wellness Solutions in Miami

Whether you're pushing your limits with athletic performance, soaking up the sun on the beach, or hustling through your busy schedule, your body needs optimal hydration, essential nutrients, and sometimes, a helping hand to optimize well-being. Key Basis offers the ultimate solution with convenient, personalized IV Therapy delivered directly to your doorstep, alongside comprehensive at-home blood testing and custom vitamin blends tailored to your unique needs.


-Take control of your health: Gain valuable insights into your health status with our convenient at-home blood tests.
-Comprehensive panels: Choose from a range of antioxidant testing, micronutrient analysis, cell age testing, and more, all completed in the comfort of your own home.
-Personalized guidance: Our team of licensed medical professionals help you interpret your results and provides actionable recommendations for improving your health.


-Personalized IV Treatments: Go beyond basic hydration with our bespoke IV blends crafted to address your specific concerns.
-Combat fatigue and boost energy: Reignite your zest for life with Hydration & Energy IVs, ideal for athletes, busy professionals, or anyone feeling drained.
-Strengthen your immune system: Equip your body to fight off illness with our potent Immunity Boost IVs.
-Enhance cognitive function and focus: Sharpen your mind and improve mental clarity with our Brain Boost IVs.
-Relieve post-celebration blues: Feeling sluggish after enjoying Miami's nightlife? Our Hangover IVs help you bounce back feeling refreshed and renewed.
-Promote radiant skin and hair: Nourish your body from within for a healthy glow with our Beauty Cocktail IVs.
-Build anti aging and cellular health: Explore the potential of NAD+ IV therapy to support cellular function and slow down the aging process.
-And much more: Explore our comprehensive Mobile IV Therapy Menu for a variety of options tailored to your specific needs.

personalized multivitamin

-Optimize your daily routine: Elevate your wellness journey with custom vitamin blends formulated specifically for you.
-Address unique needs: From energy support and immune defense to skin health and mood balance, our personalized vitamins target your specific goals.
-Premium ingredients: We use only the highest-quality, bioavailable ingredients for maximum possible absorption from oral supplements.
-Convenient delivery: Receive your personalized vitamin blend delivered directly to your doorstep.


Experience the Key Basis Difference:

-Personalized approach: We go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, catering to your unique needs and goals.

-Expert care: Our licensed healthcare professionals ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

-Premium ingredients: We use only the highest-quality vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for optimal results.

-Convenient at-home service: Relax and rejuvenate in the comfort of your own space.

-Transparent pricing: No hidden fees – see our comprehensive menus and pricing upfront.


Ready to reclaim your Miami energy and experience true wellness?Explore our Mobile IV Therapy Menu, At Home Blood Testing options, and Personalized Vitamin Blends to discover the perfect combination for you.


Book your personalized IV Drip, Blood Test, or Vitamin Consultation today and start feeling your best. 

Contact our team with any questions – we're here to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Key Benefits

Rehydrate and Replenish: Combat dehydration and restore essential nutrients.
Boost Energy and Performance: Feel revitalized and ready to take on the day.
Strengthen Immunity: Fight off illness and stay healthy.
Enhance Cognitive Function: Improve focus, clarity, and memory.
Promote Overall Well-being: Support your body's natural healing processes.
Gain Valuable Health Insights: Understand your unique health needs and optimize your wellness journey.
Customize Your Vitamin Regimen: Address specific concerns and achieve targeted results.

Don't let dehydration, fatigue, or lack of clarity slow you down. Embrace the Miami lifestyle with renewed energy and vitality. Experience the difference with Key Basis Mobile IV Services, At-Home Blood Testing, and Personalized Vitamins.

Visit our booking page or give us a call today and unlock the path to personalized wellness!


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