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The Mobile Hangover IV Cure: How Key Basis Saved My New Year

Updated: Feb 6

The stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve marked the end of an epic celebration that stretched into the early hours, witnessing the sunrise with my friends and family. However, the morning that followed brought the worst hangover of my life. Dehydration, a pounding headache, and an unrelenting sense of nausea left me unable to leave my bed (unless I was rushing to the bathroom). I couldn't even manage a sip of water.

Fortunately, as a Key Basis member, I had access to a lifeline. With a 30% discount on at-home IV treatments, I wasted no time in calling for help. I called to ask for help, and within an hour, a registered nurse arrived at my doorstep. It felt like my savior had arrived.

The nurse administered a specialized hangover IV cocktail crafted to combat hangover symptoms. Packed with essential electrolytes, a potent mix of B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, and zofran the solution promised relief.

As the IV drip began, a sense of relief swept over me. Almost immediately, the headache subsided, and the nausea gradually dissipated. With each passing minute, my body seemed to recover, replenishing the lost nutrients from the night before.

In just 20 minutes, the transformation was astounding. The hangover symptoms had vanished, leaving behind only residual exhaustion from the night's festivities. I felt revitalized, ready to embrace the new year with renewed energy, and happily do dry January.

The following day, I woke up feeling completely restored. There was no lingering hangover fog, no hampering exhaustion—just a clear mind and a fresh start to the year. All it took was a 20 minute IV where I didn't even need to move from my couch.

Reflecting on this experience, I am immensely grateful for the convenience and effectiveness of Key Basis's hangover cure at-home IV treatment. It seamlessly erased the aftermath of the celebrations, allowing me to begin the new year on a positive note. As a thank you I wanted to write this blog (won't share my last name to avoid shame from my employers for my debauchery) and to share my experience and to let anyone know that you don't need to suffer for 24-48 hours, all you need to do is call Key Basis!



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