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My Wellness Routine with Key Basis

Updated: Feb 6

I only recently started making my wellness my priority after so many years of putting it off. I couldn't find the time to fit everything in my schedule but I was lucky enough to find Key Basis, the only Miami-based mobile wellness company I trust. They outlined exactly what my body was missing, what it needed, and are always there for me when I'm feeling at my worst.

Finally Understanding My Vitamin Needs

Key Basis IV gave me the knowledge of what my body was missing with a micronutrient blood test. This was my introduction to Key Basis because I ran into an ad showing that they could take the guesswork out of supplements, which was all I was really doing. They gave me access to over 100 biomarkers that provide insights into my body's unique needs. I found out key deficiencies that I could address with a custom supplement they would send to my house on a quarterly basis.

Customized Solutions

Armed with the knowledge gained from micronutrient testing, I received custom supplements tailored to address specific vitamin deficiencies. Since then, my mental game has been on point, and my health has felt better than ever.

Convenient and Accessible IV Therapy

I found out that Key Basis also did mobile IV therapy, which I've needed many times without actually knowing it. Whether it's preparing for a marathon, combating a hangover, or addressing the onset of illness, I can schedule IV therapy sessions without ever leaving the comfort of my home.

30% Off Too?

Once I made Key Basis the main guide of my wellness routine, I instantly became a member and am saving 30% on every service. This is thousands of dollars in savings a year, along with the best service I could ask for. Me and the owners are even on a first name basis.

I could not recommend them enough, they will elevate your health to another level.


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