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Key Basis Plus Membership


Health + Wellness Membership

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*For a Limited Time Only Costs A $21 Monthly Fee (normally $99 a month)

Monthly Fee Doesn't Go To Waste, It Can Be Used To Pay For Our Services

Not Planning On Seeing Us Every Month? Don't Worry! Unspent Monthly Fees Are Saved To Your Account As A Credit!

Example: If you only want 1 IV every three months, on the third month you would have enough in account credit to purchase a Myers' Cocktail at no extra cost, and still have $74 left in your account.

Added Benefits:

You can cancel or pause at anytime

Extend 30% OFF to unlimited number of friends and family using only one membership

Access to Members-Only At-Home Massage Therapy

Access to special promotion, merch, and events

Terms and Conditions Apply.

* (Special $21 rate is an intro offer and will convert to a normal membership rate after 1 month.)

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