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Key Basis is excited to share that we've partnered with United Way Miami on a month-long fundraising campaign to support their health and wellness initiatives in the community.

100% of proceeds go to United Way Miami, and our co-founders will personally match each donation!

The purchase of these limited-edition Key Basis Athleisure items will benefit hardworking families of Miami who are struggling to keep up with the growing cost of living in our city.

The beneficiaries of this campaign are families that make over $20k a year and are not eligible for government welfare. However, they make below the amount needed to pay the bare minimum in Miami. Our team and clients have the good fortune and means to prioritize their health, and we want to help those less fortunate have access to what they need.


Every Dollar Spent Becomes A Discount With Key Basis

Just Show Us Your Proof Of Purchase


Key Basis June 2024 Charity Fundraising Campaign

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