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The same Methyldetox Test as seen on The Joe Rogan Experience and by Gary Brecka of 10X Health Gene Test.


Our Genetic Methylation Test delves into how your genes impact vital processes like energy production and immune function. Analyzing your DNA for key genetic mutations can identify inefficiencies in your methylation cycle.​


With a simple at-home swab, our test evaluates critical genes involved in methylation. This methylation genetic test gives a clear picture of your genetic health.​


Once we identify any genetic mutations, we can recommend personalized methylated supplements, such as methylated B vitamins and methylated folate, tailored to your unique needs. Our Genetic Methylation Test provides the insights you need to optimize your health and wellness journey. 

At Home Genetic Methylation Test

499,00$ Precio
474,05$Precio de oferta
  • Order your kit online, within 3-5 days it will arrive at your home anywhere in the country. Follow the instructions to collect your buccal sample. Then ship it to our lab at no extra cost.

  • All orders are final.

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